Confused dog’s attempt to walk in his new welly boots leaves people in stitches

As wonderful as dogs are, it’s no secret that they can make quite the mess around the house and clearing up after them is no fun.

One pet owner recently got rather fed up with cleaning muddy paw prints off the floor after her dog, Milo, had been out for a walk.

So she decided to take matters into her own hands and find a solution to the problem.

TikToker Tina Marie ( @secondwifelife ), who regularly vlogs about her work fostering rescue dogs, decided to purchase a pair of rain boots for her dog Milo, as a means of stopping him from treading mud into the house.

In Tina’s own words, ‘it didn’t go well’, with sweet, Milo left completely baffled by his sensible new footwear.

In a video that has been shared nearly 30,000 times in a matter of days, Milo can be seen sniffing curiously at the little blue boots before letting Tina pop them on his paws.

The good boy initially looks quite relaxed as he lies about on the floor examining his new accessories.

But all that changes when Tina tells him it’s time for a walk, a siren call no dog can resist.

As Milo scrambles up on his four paws ready for adventures, it becomes abundantly clear that he’s completely bewildered by the boots.

Calling to mind the scene from Bambi when the ungainly baby deer attempts to walk on ice, Milo can be seen stomping this way and that, frequently checking up on his back paws as if to make sure they hadn’t wandered off somewhere.

Thousands of people liked and commented on the amusing clip, with one writing: “He forgot how to dog.”

Another said: “I laughed soo hard! Best thing I’ve seen all WEEK! Thanks for the smile.”

A third replied: “We have some for hiking. Takes about five minutes for my dog to adjust. We laugh every time.”

While someone else added: “This is hilarious. There’s a portable paw washer on Amazon that Milo might like more lol.”

Others compared it to themselves while trying to walk in high heels.

Updating amused followers in the comments section, Tina revealed: “Thankfully, he quickly forgave me once I took them off and rewarded him with treats for being a good boy!”

In a follow-up TikTok, this time aptly accompanied by Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walking, Tina explained that, although she felt Milo might have gotten used to the boots in time, she didn’t ‘have the heart to put them back on him’.

It doesn’t look likely that Milo will be stepping out in his boots anytime soon, however, plenty of pet owners do find that such shoes are a great way to protect their dogs’ paws in the chilly winter months, shielding their pads from ice and grit.

Older dogs in particular, who often drag their paws while out on walks, may well benefit from the additional cushioning and support, as per My Busy Dog , as might those with hip issues.

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