Frugal woman makes Christmas gonk out of old socks to keep the festive cost down

A frugal woman has started making Christmas gonks out of old socks to keep the festive cost down – and it’s so simple you could do it too.

Karin Goodell shared a video of the trick on YouTube, and it’s a fun way to entertain the kids while also being a cheap way to decorate the home this Christmas.

She makes gonks, the Nordic version of Santa Claus with bushy bears and knitted hats over their eyes, entirely out of old socks.

She said all you need is a pair of socks, some scissors, faux fur fabric, rice, a few white rubber bands.

In the video, Karin said you have to fill the sock with rice and seal it by tying a rubber band around the end, then cut off the remaining fabric.

Then, add a nose by squeezing the sock into the shape you want – moving the rice around inside.

Next, it’s time to dress your new gonk, and this can be best done by finding a pair of Christmas socks that are past their best and cutting them up to make a robe.

Then, use another sock to form the hat, tying the toe section over your gonk’s head to give it the iconic pom-pom effect.

And finally decorate your Gonk however you want, with bells, baubles, or anything else you might have lying around that looks festive.

Meanwhile, research suggested that more than half of children have been “disappointed” with a Christmas present – with grandparents, aunties and uncles buying the most mismatched gifts.

The poll of 2,000 parents, of 3-to–13-year-olds, found the average child’s Christmas list contains 16 suggestions, worth a total £294.58.

But 41 per cent of youngsters have been left unimpressed even when given a present which was on their wish list.

And while 33 per cent of parents admitted they bought their child something they were indifferent about, 24 per cent claim the gift was from a friend and 23 per cent from a neighbour.

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