Mum left unsettled after discovering her old house key has ‘creepy’ feature

A homeowner has been left more than a little creeped out after discovering something unsettling about their original house key.

The unnamed resident, who hails from Montana, recently took to Reddit, where shared a picture of the eerie key in question.

At first glance, this looks very much like the sort of old key you might find at any old property in America, a little palm worn and faded after years of use.

However, it would appear that this everyday object harbours a disturbing secret, which the mum shared on social media.

The Reddit user has now lived at the property, which was built back in 1937, for five years, and it’s clear that they still feel a little uneasy there.

The key in the photo apparently still unlocks every room in the house. However, in a revelation that sent genuine chills up people’s spines, ‘the bedrooms only lock/unlock from the outside’.

Now, it’s difficult to think of a single good reason as to why anyone would want such an impractical and potentially very dangerous design quirk, and commenters’ imaginations have naturally run wild.

Suspecting that the previous owners could well have been hiding sinister deeds, one unnerved Redditor warned, ‘Dude, you’ve got bodies under your house’.

The woman didn’t disagree with this morbid assessment, remarking that it ‘would not surprise me’ given some of the ‘creepy things’ they’ve found about the house.

Elaborating further, they wrote:

“My son dug a big hole in the yard and found a bunch of weird bottles this summer. I did some research on the labels. One of them was some sort of creosote that was used in the early 1900s as a cure for whooping cough.

But it actually killed some people from the fumes spreading with no ventilation. He got it on his skin and it burned and left a brown stain for several days”.

The poster, who is keen to move but currently unable to, also revealed that they had recently ‘found a very sharp samurai knife in a high up cupboard’ they ‘never use’, which they claim ‘definitely does not belong to me’.

Many commenters have attempted to give explanations as to why the key works in this odd way, from ‘old time parental control’ to a means of hosting travellers passing through town. However, as noted by one person, by 1937 this would have been considered an unusual security measure.

Whatever the explanation may be, I know that I’d personally be staying far, far away from the basement…

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