Woman asks Starbucks worker to ‘cheer her up’ after tough day but plan backfires

As many students will know, a cup of coffee from your favourite coffee shop can be an absolute lifesaver when you’re drowning in exam revision materials.

But one woman on TikTok was left disappointed when she tried to get the employees at her local Starbucks to write her an uplifting message to help her get through her revision session – as they appear to have totally ignored her request.

The woman, who posts under the username @dahgari, ordered an iced double shot white mocha from the popular coffee chain on a delivery app which let her write a note to the employees with any additional information about her order.

And while the function is usually used for those with allergies, the woman instead asked for a pick-me-up from her barista.

In the video, she showed her receipt with her message on it, which read: “I’m studying for a hard exam, can you please write something that makes me happy?”

But the woman was left disappointed when her order arrived, as she found the baristas had either ignored her request or had forgotten all about it.

The video included a series of broken heart emojis as the woman showed her plain coffee cup without any uplifting words written on it.

And although the woman was upset about the employees deciding not to fulfil her request, commenters on the video – which has been viewed over 3.5 million times – insisted she was asking too much of the baristas who may have been extremely busy at the time.

One person wrote: “Their job isn’t to decorate your cup. You realise that sometimes there’s a rush and they’re making drinks non-stop? Their job is to make your coffee.”

While another said: “Can we not make service workers do emotional labour on top of how hard they work and how relatively poorly they’re paid? Not cool.”

And a third agreed, posting: “They’re a barista, not a therapist.”

Some other commenters defended the woman though, as they said it was unfair to get so angry at her for making a simple request.

Another person commented: “If the girl started swearing or insulting the employees then you would be right to be upset. But all she did was make a video which was clearly a joke.”

And someone else added: “You all are wild in the comments. It is not hard to draw a quick heart or a smiley face, as someone who has worked as a barista.”

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